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Missy Mazzoli, Judd Greenstein, David T. Little

Free Speech Zone organizers David, Missy, and Judd have each received significant attention from their peers and from the broader musical community. They have attended such prestigious music schools as Michigan, Yale, and Princeton, and well-known summer festivals such as Tanglewood, Aspen, Fontainebleau, and the Bang on a Can Summer Institute. They have written for a wide variety of players and ensembles including the Minnesota Orchestra, the New York Youth Symphony, Ethel, Tactus, 8th Blackbird and the Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble. Their works have been performed all over the world, in venues that inclue New York's Carnegie Hall, the Edinburgh Fringe Fest, the Montreal Fringe Fest, and Amsterdam's Gaudeamus New Music Festival.

Judd Greenstein began his life as a composer by writing hip hop beats in Junior High School; much of his music emphasizes layered textures and interlocking beat patterns that are similar in construction to those beats. Judd's music blends Romanticism and post-minimalist harmonic and textural elements with a strong grounding in hip hop, rock, and electronic dance music. Some of Judd's recent beats will be featured in a forthcoming short film about bicycle messengers.
> www.juddgreenstein.com

Missy Mazzoli, who recently returned from studying composition with Louis Andriessen in Amsterdam supported by a Fulbright grant, is a composer/pianist whose influences range from Beethoven to Balinese Gamelan. She is a member of the electronica band Hills Not Skyscrapers and pianist/founder of the Shy Girl New Music Ensemble.  Her works have been performed by the Minnesota Orchestra, Newspeak, NOW Ensemble and Dinosaur Annex, among others.  She is currently on the composition faculty of Yale University.
> www.missymazzoli.com

David T. Little, whose performance as a rock drummer has been praised as "on fire, both crazed and surgically accurate," is actively involved in fusing this experience with his activities as a classically-trained composer. His music is highly energetic, at times rather heavy, and is often propelled by rhythmic "grooves" - despite the fact that he was once told that this has no place in art.  He is also the co-founder and organizer of "National Insecurity" - an annual concert event of political music in Boston with composer Curtis Hughes, and an Associate Producer at the Nous Theatre of New Jersey.
> www.davidtlittle.com

Stephen Taylor has been practicing documentary film and photography for the past six years, working in Connecticut, New York City, North Carolina, Germany, and Italy.  He has produced a number of short documentaries on subjects ranging from prisons and criminal justice issues to the work of pioneering young  artists and musicians.  His work comprises a style that unites information and art, while emphasizing the unfamliar, marginalized voices capable of telling stories we do not often hear.   He is in the process of earning a Certificate in Documentary Studies from Duke University, where he most recently completed a short film about individuals displaced by Hurricane Katrina.