TOUR 2005






NOW Ensemble - Formed as a means of facilitating communication and shared music-making between composers and performers, NOW Ensemble is a dynamic new music group that is dedicated to the presentation of works by emerging composers. With its unique instrumentation of flute, clarinet, electric guitar, double bass, and piano, NOW Ensemble gives chamber music a new sound and a new vitality for the next generation of musicians, composers, and listeners. For repertoire, the group relies on the creation of new music for the ensemble, making composers and composition an integrated part of every performance. Based in New York City, NOW Ensemble has performed at Merkin Concert Hall, the Tenri Cultural Institute, the Juilliard School, Williamsburg's DuBuQuE Concert Series, and the Look & Listen Festival in Chelsea's Robert Miller Gallery. Last Spring, NOW Ensemble was the featured visiting group at the Carlsbad Music Festival in Carlsbad, California, the concluding show in a tour of Southern California that included two shows in Los Angeles and a visit to CalArts. In June, NOW staged a one-night "takeover" of the Crane Arts Center in Philadelphia, PA, filling the raw warehouse space with music. This season, NOW Ensemble begins a program of University residencies, visiting Yale University, Princeton University, the University of Virginia, and other colleges around the country. With these performances in New York and around the United States, NOW Ensemble has brought new music to the attention of the public as an essential and crucial part of our developing culture, engaging young audiences and non-musicians, as well as regular concertgoers, with a new vision for contemporary chamber music.
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Newspeak - Originally founded in 2001, Newspeak has existed in a number of forms.  From the free improvisation and group composition of the 2001-2002 Ann Arbor-based line-up to the more traditional chamber music version of the 2003 Aspen ensemble, Newspeak has always actively sought a fusion of art music and political thought that is significant, meaningful and communicative. The current New York-based ensemble, founded in 2004, derives its sound from the energy and performance practice of rock music, contemporary improvisation and contemporary notated music, and features some of the finest young musicians from around the city. This season, Newspeak will perform music by Keeril Makan, Jeffrey Schanzer, Black Sabbath, Frederic Rzewski, Missy Mazzoli and David T. Little.
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